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Entrenami Logo Design

Project overview

“Entrenami” is our new partner who trusted us to handle in all the process of logo design creation.

It’s is a web platform where users can explore, discover and reserve fitness options. The name is “Entrenami” and the slogan in spanish is “Entrena mi cuerpo, entrena mi mente” that translates into “Train my body, train my mind” so we represented that.

For ‘Entrenami’ logo design we chose ‘‘heart’’ symbol. When starting to train mind and body, first of all, people should heal their hearts. It is generally believed, that everything starting from the changes we make inside of our hearts. By the way when starting to train body, people open their hearts as well. In the “heart” symbol we put the geometric shapes of two hemispheres. One is an intellect and the other is intuition.

entrenami logo design

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